Sunday 10 July 2011

Welcome to our new blog

Hello and welcome. This is really exciting - we're going to move to Poland! I've been promising my wife Kasia since before we got engaged, three years ago. Now we've found a piece of land, and we're beginning to think about it all in more definite terms... So, here is the house that needs renovating, and here I am on our future doorstep (pointing South for some reason...)

Although we don't have enough money to move there yet, or to renovate the house and barns, or to transform the land into a working smallholding...

Anyway, this is the website where we'll be sharing our thinking and planning - and our doing and learning. There are all sorts of things we want to share, and we're hoping this site will become a rich resource over the next few years - like our new land - so please do follow us, and even come and visit once we have the guest accommodation sorted (tent anyone?). To whet your appetite, here's another view, from the North East:

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