Sunday 4 May 2014

Permaculture Designers in Action!

This is Béla Beke who's actively involved in loads of permaculture projects in Australia, but still a bit frustrated with the permaculture movement...

He wants more action! 'People don't feel the urgency,' he says. 'Many people are too comfortable in their own lives.' in his interview with Nicole Vosper on

It's inspiring to read about people who are so active and still want more. I looked at Béla's website and there are some really interesting things going on. 
For me, me life is going to depend on permaculture. I'm going out to the relative wilds of Eastern Poland with few chances of employment, and planning to put all my heart into creating a sustainable living environment for myself and my family. The urgency is certainly going to be there, especially with the threats of climate change and other worldwide problems hanging over us.

I hope in 16 years I'll be as actively involved in researching and learning and continuing to be as inspired by permaculture as Béla is. 

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